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11 Best Blog Advertising Networks in 2024

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In this guide, we’ll be talking about my top picks for the 11 best blog advertising networks this year. We’ve all seen those blog income reports where bloggers are making five, six, and even seven figures a month from their blog. A large portion of that revenue is many times from advertising.

There are many ways to monetize your blog business, such as affiliate marketing, a sponsored blog post, courses, and merch. While you may or may not qualify for all of the networks depending on your blog and the amount of traffic you have. Blog advertisements still remain one of the most popular to make make money and passive income from a blog and passive income from a blog. 

There is something very exciting about starting a blog and then turning that blog into a business. The idea that you’re sharing information and ideas in a blog post and creating something that is valuable to someone else is powerful. Building an online business is fun and exciting; watching it grow and being able to make money from it is even more exciting. 

1. Mediavine

Mediavine a full service ad management for content creators and bloggers.

As a leading blog advertising network, Mediavine has established itself as a powerhouse in the industry. What sets Mediavine apart is its unique origin. It was created by content creators who understand the challenges and aspirations of fellow bloggers.

Since its inception in 2004, Mediavine has established itself as a trusted and influential player in the blog advertising realm. With almost two decades of experience, Mediavine has continuously evolved and adapted to the changing landscape of digital advertising, making it a reliable partner for content creators.

Mediavine acts as the bridge connecting content creators and advertisers. They leverage their extensive network and industry expertise to create mutually beneficial partnerships. By bringing together quality content creators and relevant advertisers, Mediavine facilitates effective advertising opportunities so both parties can make money.

One of the key strengths of Mediavine lies in its comprehensive suite of services. From ad management to optimization, Mediavine handles the nitty-gritty aspects of advertising, allowing content creators to focus on their core passion – creating exceptional content. 

How to Join the Mediavine Blog Advertising Network

Signing up with Mediavine is as simple as completing their application. The Mediavine application form will ask you for important information to determine your eligibility and compatibility with their network. 

Be prepared to provide details such as:

  • Your site URL, 

  • any prior applications to Mediavine, 

  • number of sessions your blog has had in the last 30 days. 

mediavine application requirements.

Requirements to Join the Mediavine Blog Advertising Network

Mediavine has had a growing interest in its blog advertising network and in order to ensure the utmost quality and support for its existing publishers, Mediavine now is more selective, with a minimum of 50,000 monthly sessions to join their network.

This strategic move aims to provide even better support, enhanced tools, and superior ad performance to their existing publishing base. By narrowing its focus on existing publishers, Mediavine can allocate additional resources and ensure sustainable growth for its network.

Here is a list of Mediavine’s requirements:

  • 50,000 sessions in the previous 30 days (per Google Analytics).

  • Original, engaging content across ANY niche as a lifestyle publisher.

  • Good standing with Google AdSense.

  • Generating long-form and captivating content.

  • Clean, verified and white-listed traffic.

By meeting these criteria, you align yourself with Mediavine’s standards and increase your chances of becoming part of their advertising network.

Payments from the Mediavine Blog Advertising Networks

Mediavine operates on a payment term known as NET 65, which means that payments are made 65 days from the end of the month in which your blog advertising revenue was generated. Typically, payments are issued on the 5th of each month unless it falls on a weekend, in which case the payment is made on the nearest business day.

Mediavine offers several different payment methods. These methods include 

  • ACH (Automated Clearing House) for both international and USA-based publishers, 

  • PayPal 

  • Wire transfer options for both US and non-US publishers. 

Mediavine values long-term partnerships with its publishers and rewards loyalty accordingly. Through their loyalty bonus program, publishers who stay with Mediavine for consecutive years become eligible for a loyalty bonus. 

This bonus is an increase in advertising fees each year, reflecting the publisher’s commitment and longevity with the network. It is important to note that if a publisher leaves Mediavine and later returns, their loyalty bonuses will reset.

To request a payout, Mediavine has set a minimum payout requirement of $25 for most payment methods. However, for ACH International payments, the minimum payout requirement is higher, set at $200. 

Pros of Mediavine’s Blog Advertising Network

  • Mediavine was built by the creators themselves and is designed to empower bloggers and help them succeed.

  • Ability to generate higher earnings for bloggers.

  • Mediavine prioritizes the financial well-being of its publishers. In the event of payment issues with advertisers or even if a company faces unforeseen circumstances, Mediavine ensures that you receive your due earnings. 

  • They offer dedicated account managers who work closely with publishers to optimize their earnings.

  • Mediavine’s dashboard interface is designed to be user-friendly, intuitive, and professional.

  • Mediavine takes pride in its commitment to providing an exceptional user experience. They claim to have load times that are 200% faster than their competitors, ensuring that your blog’s performance remains optimal.

Cons of Mediavine’s Blog Advertising Network

  • Exclusivity and selectivity in accepting publishers can be a drawback for many bloggers who may meet the traffic requirements but do not align with blog content and other specific criteria.
  • Mediavine tends to have preferences and focus more closely on certain niches. Originally, they concentrated heavily on food bloggers, but they have since expanded their reach to education, travel, style, fashion, personal finance, home, gardening, hobbies, health, fitness, parenting, arts, entertainment, food, and drink. Publishers outside these niches may find it more challenging to fit within Mediavine’s preferred categories.
  • Longer wait time for payouts compared to some other networks. With their NET 65 payment term, you may need to wait up to 65 days from the end of the month in which your blog advertising revenue was generated before receiving your payment.

2. Ezoic 

ezoic blog advertising network.

Ezoic was founded by Dwayne Lafleur in 2010. Dwayne Lafleur is an entrepreneur and technologist with a background in artificial intelligence and machine learning. He established Ezoic with the vision of developing a platform that uses data science and automation to optimize website monetization and user experiences. 

Lafleur sought to empower publishers by providing them with access to advanced tools and technologies that can automate ad testing, optimize ad placements, and deliver personalized experiences to visitors. His goal was to simplify the monetization process and enable publishers to achieve their revenue goals more efficiently.

He did that by doing the following: 

  • Providing a comprehensive suite of tools and services such as ai and machine learning to automate and streamline the monetization process. 

  • Offers a range of features that enable publishers to test and optimize their ad layouts, placements, and sizes. 

  • Analyzes visitor behavior, engagement metrics, and ad performance data to optimize the ad display for each individual user. 

  • This personalized approach helps maximize revenue while ensuring a positive user experience.

Additionally, Ezoic offers revenue optimization tools that enable publishers to make data-driven decisions. Through data analysis and insights, publishers can gain a deeper understanding of their audience and make informed adjustments to their ad strategies. 

How to Sign up for Ezoic Blog Advertising Network

Signing up for Ezoic’s blog advertising network is a straightforward process that begins with completing their application. 

Ezoic has specific requirements that publishers need to meet in order to join their blog advertising network. While the exact criteria may vary, some common requirements include having an active website with a significant amount of traffic, adhering to ethical and legal guidelines, and complying with Ezoic’s content policies. Ezoic typically seeks websites that are dedicated to providing quality content and value to their audience.

Once your application is approved, the next step is to integrate Ezoic with your website. Ezoic provides comprehensive documentation and support to guide you through the integration process. The steps generally involve installing Ezoic’s code or plugin on your website, which allows them to gather data and implement their monetization and optimization strategies. Ezoic’s integration process is designed to be user-friendly and seamless, ensuring a smooth transition for your website’s monetization efforts.

Throughout the sign-up process and integration, Ezoic’s support team is available to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter. They are committed to providing publishers with a positive onboarding experience and ensuring the successful integration of their platform with your website.

Requirements to Sign Up for Ezoic

Ezoic has specific criteria for accepting publishers into their network to ensure the highest quality of websites and optimal user experiences.

While the exact criteria may vary, Ezoic typically looks for websites that have the following: 

  • A significant amount of traffic, 

  • Engaged in ethical practices, 

  • Provide valuable and original content to their audience. 

  • In compliance with Google’s publisher policies.

  • Good standing with Google AdSense.

They prioritize partnering with publishers who are committed to maintaining a positive user experience and adhering to industry standards.

Ezoic no longer sets minimum page view requirements as part of its evaluation process. They removed the previous threshold of 10,000 monthly visits in order to use the monetization features and not offer two different applications: one for under 10,000 monthly pageviews and the other for over 10,000 monthly pageviews.

required pageviews for Ezoic.

Ezoic generally looks for websites with a steady flow of traffic to ensure sufficient data for optimization. A website with a higher traffic volume may have increased opportunities for monetization and optimization within Ezoic’s network.

Ezoics ads are for content-rich sites and currently do not work with sites that are predominantly corporate or ecommerce. However, if you have a blog attached to an e-commerce site, they will consider it. However, e-commerce or corporate sites still have access to Ezoics leap tools. 

Payments from Ezoic

Ezoic provides transparent and reliable payment terms to publishers in their network. Payments are typically:

  • Processed on a monthly basis, 

  • Minimum payout threshold of $20,

  • Net-30 or Net-45 payment schedule, which means payments to your bank account are issued 30 or 45 days after the end of the billing period.

Ezoic offers the following payment methods: 

  • Check

  • Bank transfer with Wise

  • PayPal

  • Direct Deposit

  • International wire transfer with Payoneer

Pros of Ezoic’s Blog Advertising Network

  • Advanced ad testing and optimization capabilities 

  • Website optimization

  • No set-up fees or contracts

  • Detailed analytics and data insights

  • Dedicated customer support from Ezoic’s team

  • Affiliate Program 

Cons of Ezoic’s Blog Advertising Network

  • Learning curve –  platform takes time to get used to

  • Potential impact on website performance and load times

  • Minimum payout

3. advertisment platform for blog advertising. manages high-quality ad supply on over 500,000 websites and is one of the leading blog advertising networks worldwide. 

Founded by technology experts and backed by Yahoo! and Bing, focuses on empowering publishers to optimize their ad revenue and maximize their earning potential. develops products that utilize auto-learning algorithms to optimize ad displays and deliver relevant ads and offers. is the original creator of the display-to-search (D2S) ad format. They focus on user experience and revenue generation, all while prioritizing user privacy protections. This provides users with long-term sustainable value, and maximizes publisher blogging efforts.

How to Join application.

To join the, publishers can contact the company directly via email.

While the specific criteria may vary, typically looks for publishers with the following: 

  • High-quality, original content, navigation-friendly site design without excessive advertising

  • Compliance with ethical and legal guidelines. 

Payments from

Payments from are typically processed on a monthly basis, with a minimum payout threshold and a Net-30 or Net-45 payment schedule. offers multiple payment methods, including:

  • Checks, 

  • Bank transfers, 

  • PayPal, 

  • Direct deposit, 

  • International wire transfers.

Pros of’s Blog Ads

  • Backed by Yahoo! and Bing, offers a strong partnership and access to high-quality advertisers.

  • Contextual advertising ensures relevant and engaging ad campaigns for publishers’ own audience.

  • A comprehensive suite of services, including ad management, optimization, and analytics, enhances publishers’ ability to monetize their content effectively.

  • Multiple payment methods and transparent payment terms provide convenience and reliability for publishers.

  • Ambassador program (affiliate program)

Cons of’s Blog Ads

  • Publishers need to meet certain eligibility requirements, including quality content and a significant amount of traffic, which may limit access for many bloggers.

  • Most traffic is required to be from top-tier countries: US, Canada, and UK. 

  • Payment in USD only

4. Monumetric

Monumentric for ad revenue

Monumetric is one of the highest-performing display ad networks. They act as a revenue partner with every publisher they work with in order to help you reach your site income goals. 

Monumetric has a rich history and experience in the advertising industry. It was founded in 2012 under the name “The Blogger Network” with a mission to provide bloggers with an ad solution that prioritized the website owner’s interests. 

Recognizing the need for a name that better reflected their values and clientele, the company rebranded as Monumetric. Since then, Monumetric has grown rapidly and established itself as a trusted partner for publishers seeking effective monetization strategies.

Monumetric is driven by a passion for performance and data. Their team consists of website owners, data specialists, marketing experts, and creative programmers who collaborate to tackle problems from unique perspectives. With a focus on continuous improvement, Monumetric approaches challenges with a fresh and innovative mindset. 

Monumetric is dedicated to helping publishers succeed in the ever-evolving world of blog advertising.

Monumetric serves as a trusted partner for publishers, offering comprehensive ad management and optimization services that enable them to maximize their website’s monetization potential. They optimize your digital advertising, which includes mobile and other technologies.

With a focus on customized solutions, robust reporting, and dedicated support, Monumetric empowers publishers to effectively manage their ad inventory, optimize ad placements to target audiences, make sure they are getting paid the maximum amount for your ad space, and achieve their revenue goals. Enabling publishers to effectively monetize ad spaces on their websites, capitalize on ad opportunities, and generate the highest possible returns on their advertising investments.

How to Join Monumetric

To join Monumetric complete the form on their website. They offer four different programs based on the amount of site traffic. Each program caters to different needs that a website owner has based on the phase of their business. This allows Monumetric to provide the services a publisher most needs. 

Requirements to sign up for Monumetric

Monumetric requirements for advertising

Propel: 10K-80K page views per month, typically for beginner publishers. 

Ascend: 80K – 500K page views per month. With this program, you’ll have everything in Propel plus site setup and audit, a shared ops team, and a referral program link. 

Stratos: 500K – 10MM page views per month. In this program, you’ll have everything in Ascend but now a dedicated ad ops team and a testing and data team. 

Apollo: 10MM+ page views per month. At this point, you have everything Monumetric has to offer, and you’re working very closely with Monumetric’s dedicated teams to continuously improve your ads and increase revenue. 

It can take a few weeks to get approved, so be patient. Monumentric will review your application and blog and submit it for approval to their advertisers. 

Payment from Monumetric

Monuemtric takes 15-30% of your generated revenue. They pay via direct deposit on the 5th and 25th of each month. Your first payment will range 30-60 days after the month has ended. If that date falls on a weekend or holiday, the payment will be issued on the next business day. 

Pros of Monumetric Blog Ads

  • Low barrier to entry for some with 10,000 page views.

  • They place the ad units for you.

  • Good range of ad units. 

  • Increase in revenue potential.

  • Very good shared and dedicated support team. 

  • Referral program once you join the Ascend program. 

Con’s of Monumetric Blog Ads

  • For new bloggers, the minimum traffic requirement is 10,000 page views.

  • $99 set up fee for less than 80K page views. 

  • Receiving payment on net 60-day terms. 

5. Raptive Ad Network

Raptive advertising network

Raptive (formerly known as CafeMedia and AdThrive) is an ad network that specializes in helping publishers optimize their ad revenue and maximize their earnings. They are advocates for creators in every industry. 

Raptive handles everything related to ads on your site so you can focus on creating content and making money. Everything including: 

  • Custom ad placement and optimization

  • Advertiser relationship management 

  • Exclusive premium campaigns negotiated by an in-house sales team 

  • Video monetization and hosting

  • Individualized recommendations and ongoing ad monitoring 

  • A support team with developers and WordPress experts

  • Publisher dashboard to monitor daily ad performance and traffic trends

  • Access to a community of peers

  • Tools to help you grow your business

Raptive (formerly Adthrive and cafemedia).

How to Join Raptive Blog Advertising Network

To sign up with Rapitive you’ll need to visit their website. Raptive’s application is pretty straightforward. It takes less than five minutes to complete. They’ll ask you about your site, if you’re running ads and with whom and ask for viewer’s access to your google analytics to verify your site’s information. You can fill out an application on Raptive’s website

Requirements to sign up for Raptive Blog Advertising Network

Raptive has three requirements to join its ad network. 

  1. Google Analytics installed with at least 100,000 monthly pageviews

  2. The majority of your traffic comes from the US, CA, UK, AU or NZ

  3. Your site has unique and original content that engages the audience and is a great fit for advertisers.

Payment from Raptive

You’ll always get 75% of ad revenue from Raptive. Raptive offers Net 45 payment terms. So the total ad revenue you earned in January pays out on March 15th. 

Raptive offer the following payment methods: 

  • Direct Deposit (US)

  • eCheck/Local Bank Transfer

  • PayPal

  • Paper Check

  • Wire Transfer (US & Non-US) 

Pros of Raptive Ad Network

  • Access to advanced ad management and optimization techniques.

  • Personalized support from a dedicated account management team

  • Detailed reporting and analytics to track performance

  • Potential for increased ad revenue and earnings

Cons of Raptive Ad Network

  • Eligibility requirements of 10,000 page views could limit access for some publishers.

  • The learning curve associated with using Raptive’s platform.

  • Does not have an affiliate program.

6. Google Adsense

Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the most popular and well-known display advertising program on the Internet. It’s a free advertising program that enables online publishers to monetize their websites by displaying third-party Google ads. With businesses paying for advertising space, site owners have the opportunity to generate revenue through clicks or ad impressions depending on how many impressions they recieve. 

How to Join Google Adsense

You’ll need two things to join Google Adsense. 

  1. A Google account (Gmail or other services).

  2. Your own original and unique content. 

First, you’ll create your Google Adsense account by clicking “Get started” and signing into your Google account. Google will review your site to make sure it complies with their policies

Once you’re approved, you’ll be required to add code to your website. This will allow you to select the desired ad formats and determine their placement on your site. The available ad formats include in-page ads (within the main body), anchor ads (located at the edge of the screen), vignette ads (displayed on full screen), and more. 

Requirements to Sign up for Google Adsense

  • Have your own unique and interesting content. 

  • Comply with the AdSense Program policies.

  • Be at least 18 years old. 

Payment From Google Adsense

Google Adsense payments are typically processed on a monthly basis, with a minimum payout threshold that needs to be reached before a payment is issued. For the United States, you need to earn $100 to meet the threshold and get paid. Payments are issued on the 21st and 26th of the month. 

Pros of Google Adsense

  • It’s free to join Google Adsense Ads.

  • Access to a large pool of advertisers.

  • Easy to use interface.

  • Easy integration with websites. 

  • Detailed reporting and analytics.

Cons of Google Adsense

  • Limited control over the Google Adsense Ads that are displayed on your website.

  • Limited support. 

7. PropellerAds

Propellerads helps publishers monetize their websites and blogs.

PropellerAds is a global advertising network that offers a variety of ad formats to help publishers monetize their websites and mobile apps. PropelerAds focuses on user engagement to maximize revenue and deliver effective campaigns for advertisers. 

sign up as a publisher for propellerads

How to join Propeller Ads

To join PropellerAds, visit their website and sign up as a publisher. The registration process involves providing basic information about your website or app, such as its URL and niche. Once your application is reviewed and approved, you can start implementing PropellerAds’ ad codes on your platform.

Requirements to sign up for PropellerAds

PropellerAds does not have any specific requirements for page views. They typically look for websites or apps with a sufficient amount of traffic and high-quality content. They prioritize publishers with organic traffic and a user-friendly website. 

Payment from PropellerAds

In 2021, PropellerAds changed their payout conditions for publishers to $5. They now payout the amount you’d like to withdraw every Thursday. It should, however, be larger than the minimum transfer amount your payment method allows. 

The minimum payout threshold depends on the chosen payment method and ranges from $5 to $500. Payment may take two or more days to process. 

PropellerAds offers a wide range of payment methods: 

  • PayPal (min. $5)

  • Payoneer (min. $20)

  • Skrill (min. $5)

  • ePayments (min. $5)

  • WebMoney (WMZ) (min. $5)

  • Bank wire (min. $500)

Pros of PropellerAds

  • Diverse ad format

  • Advanced targeting options such as device targeting, geo-targeting, and audience segmentation.

  • Automated payment every Thursday.

  • Easy start for new blogs.

  • The minimum payout is $5, with a payout every Thursday. 

Cons of PropellerAds

  • Ad quality control – occasional ads might not meet expectations. 

  • Ad blockers may impact the visibility of ads displayed. 

8. Infolinks Blog Advertising Network

infolinks ad network for bloggers

Infolinks is a popular and widely-used blog advertising network that offers innovative and non-intrusive ad formats for publishers. With a focus on contextual ads, Infolinks aims to provide relevant and targeted blog ads, to engage audiences while generating revenue for publishers.

Infolinks Blog Advertising Network

How to sign up for Infolinks

​​To join Infolinks, visit their website and sign up as a publisher. To register, you’ll just need to provide basic information about your website or blog, such as its URL and niche. Once your application is reviewed and approved, you can start implementing Infolinks’ ad codes on your website.

Requirements to join Infolinks

Infolinks does not have strict traffic requirements, making it accessible for publishers with varying levels of website traffic. 

However, it is important to have a website or blog with original content. It’s also important that your site complies with their terms of service. Infolinks values high-quality content and user engagement when considering new publishers.

Payment from Infolinks

The minimum payout threshold depends on the chosen payment method and ranges from $50 to $100. Payments are typically processed on a Net-45 basis, meaning that earnings from one month will be paid out 45 days after the end of that month.

Infolinks offers multiple payment options to publishers, including: 

  • PayPal, 

  • Bank Wire, 

  • eCheck, 

  • Payoneer. 

Pros of Infolinks

  • Infolinks specializes in contextual ads, which means that ads are displayed based on the content and keywords within your website.

  • Non-intrusive ad formats, such as in-text ads, in-fold ads, and in-screen ads, that seamlessly integrate with your website.

  • Quick and Easy Integration

Cons of Infolinks

  • Lower Revenue Potential

  • Limited Control over Ad Campaigns

  • Ad Quality and Relevance

9. RevenueHits

RevenueHits advertising platform

RevenueHits is an advertising platform that offers a variety of ad formats, including display banners, pop-unders, and interstitial ads. It focuses on performance-based advertising, allowing you to earn revenue based on clicks and conversions.

How to sign up for RevenueHits

To join RevenueHits, simply visit their website and sign up as a publisher. The registration process involves providing basic information about your website, such as its URL and niche. Once your application is reviewed and approved, you can start implementing RevenueHits’ ad codes on your website to start earning revenue.

Requirements to join RevenueHits

RevenueHits does not have minimum traffic requirements, which makes it more accessible for newer publishers. However, they do prioritize websites with quality content and traffic that aligns with their advertising campaigns. 

Payment from RevenueHits

The minimum payout threshold depends on the chosen payment method and ranges from $20 to $500, depending on the country. Payments are typically processed on a Net-30 basis, meaning that earnings from one month will be paid out 30 days after the end of that month.

RevenueHits offers multiple payment methods to publishers, including: 

  • PayPal, 

  • Payoneer,

  • Wire transfer. 

Pros of RevenueHits

  • RevenueHits offers a wide range of ad formats, including pop-ups, interstitials, banner ad space, sliders, and more

  • Higher revenue potential by optimizing ad performance and delivering targeted ads.

  • RevenueHits provides real-time reporting and analytics, allowing publishers to track their earnings and ad performance. 

  • Referral program

Cons of RevenueHits

  • Some ad formats, such as pop-up ads and interstitials, may impact user experience.

  • Ad quality and relevance may not always be perfectly aligned with the website’s content or the audience’s interests.

  • Publishers have limited control over the specific ads that are displayed. Ad selection is primarily driven by RevenueHits optimization algorithms.

10. SHE Media

SHE Media advertising for content creators and bloggers.

SHE Media is a leading digital media company that empowers female content creators and connects them with brands to monetize their websites and social media platforms. They primarily focus on women’s lifestyle, parenting, and entertainment niches, SHE Media offers a range of advertising and influencer marketing opportunities to help publishers maximize their earnings.

How to sign up for SHE Media

application for She Media

To join SHE Media, content creators can visit their website and apply to become a member of their network. The application process involves providing information about your website or social media channels, audience demographics, and content focus. After they review and approve your website, you’ll gain access to SHE Media’s advertising network and partnership opportunities.

Requirements to join SHE Media

SHE Media seeks content creators with websites or social media platforms that align with their target audience and a majority of their content. They generally look for publishers with a substantial following, engaging content, and a strong presence in women’s lifestyle, parenting, or entertainment niches. It’s important to have a well-established online presence and demonstrate the ability to produce quality content.

Payment from SHE Media

SHE Media provides payment to publishers based on the specific terms outlined in their partnership agreements. Payments are typically made on a Net-45 or Net-60 basis, meaning that earnings from a specific period will be paid out 45 or 60 days after the end of that period. 

SHE Media offers various payment methods, including:

  • Direct deposit

  • PayPal

Pros of SHE Media

  • They offer targeted advertising opportunities with brands that cater to women’s lifestyle, parenting, and entertainment niches. 

  • Access to influencer marketing opportunities and the chance to collaborate with relevant brands.

  • SHE Media provides publishers with dedicated account managers who offer professional support, resources, and guidance. 

Cons of SHE Media

  • SHE Media is selective in accepting publishers into its network to ensure quality and alignment with its target audience. 

  • A large number of social media followers are required, which can be challenging for new bloggers.

  • With a focus on specific niches, some publishers may find limited opportunities. 

11. Sovrn

best ad network for bloggers

Sovrn is a leading programmatic advertising network that provides solutions for publishers to monetize their websites and digital content. They focus on delivering targeted and engaging blog advertisements to help Sovrn optimize its ad revenue and maximize its earnings.

How to sign up for Sovrn

Sovrn blog advertising network

To sign up for Sovrn, you can visit their website and navigate to the “Publishers” section. From there, they can find the “Sign Up” button. The application typically requires providing information about your website, traffic metrics, and content focus. Once the application is submitted, it will be reviewed by Sovrn’s team. Once you’re approved, publishers can start utilizing their advertising solutions.

Requirements to join Sovrn

There are no specific pageview limits for Sovrn publishers. New bloggers can sign up if they are just getting started or are getting millions of pageviews per day. 

They do, however, have strict guidelines for site quality. Sovrn prioritizes websites with a strong user experience and a significant presence in specific niches or industries.

Sovrn looks for sites with consistent original content and engaged readers. 

Payment from Sovrn

Sovrn typically pays publishers 90 days from the end of the month in which commissions were earned. If a commission is earned in January, it will be paid out at the end of April.

The payment thresholds for Sovrn are $50 for wire transfers and $25 for all other payment types (ACH, Check, Check, and PayPal).

Payment methods offered by Sovrn: 

  • Direct Deposit/ACH (minimum $50)

  • Check (minimum $25)

  • Paypal (minimum $25)

Pros of Sovrn

  • Sovrn employs sophisticated algorithms and machine learning technology to optimize ad placements.

  • Wide range of ad formats, including display ads, native ads, video ads, and more. 

  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting tools to track their ad performance, user engagement, and revenue metrics

Cons of Sovrn

  • Selective Acceptance Process.

  • Ads might not always align with content.


Choosing the right blog advertising network is crucial for publishers looking to monetize their websites effectively. Each network has its own unique features, requirements, and payment structures. 

Mediavine, Ezoic,, Monumetric, Raptive Ad Network, Google AdSense, PropellerAds, Infolinks, RevenueHits, SHE Media, and Sovrn are all prominent players in the blog advertising industry, offering various benefits and considerations when placing blog ads on a blog post. 

Publishers should carefully evaluate their specific needs, website traffic, content focus, and preferences before deciding on the best ad network to partner with. By selecting the right blog advertising network, publishers can optimize their ad revenue, enhance user experience, and take their blog business to new heights.

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