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Master Resale Rights (MRR) | Is It Legit?

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If you’re like me, you want to achieve financial independence. I started my first online business in 2013, two weeks after my son was born. I knew I wanted to live on my terms without being tied to a traditional 9-5. One way to achieve this is to start an online business and build income online.

One way content creators and digital entrepreneurs are doing this is through Master Resell Rights (MRR). MRR allows you to sell digital products created by someone else, like ebooks, Pinterest templates, courses, or software. This means you can make money selling these products without the time commitment of creating your own product from scratch.

The cost of buying MRR is much lower than creating your own digital product. You’ll set up your sales funnel and start earning income. Of course, there’s work involved in marketing and selling the product, but MRR can be a good starting point for building your online income stream.

What are Master Resell Rights?

What are Master Resell Rights?

Master resell rights (MRR) give you permission and resell rights to sell someone’s digital products as your own. You’re essentially buying a license to the product, not the product itself. You do not own the copyrights. MMR gives you the right to sell copies of digital products and make a profit, but you cannot copy, modify, or claim ownership of the product without permission.

Types of MMR Licenses

Types of MMR Licenses

It’s important to understand what type of MMR license you’re getting before purchasing a product. Here’s a breakdown of the types of MRR licenses, such as Resell Rights (RR), Master Resell Rights (MRR), and Private Label Rights (PLR):

Basic Resell Rights (RR)

This license gives you resale rights, which allow you to sell the product to your customers, but your customers do not have the right to resell it. You cannot alter the product or claim authorship.

Master Resell Rights (MRR)

With the MRR license, you have resale rights to the product in its original form, usually at a set price predetermined by the creator. You are not allowed to make changes to the branding or content and usually have limited control over the sales process, i.e., you may not be able to provide refunds.

Private Label Rights (PLR)

Private label rights (PLR) are the most unrestricted and flexible type of license, giving you a lot of control over pricing, marketing, and sales. PLR allows you to modify the content and rebrand the product, add your name as the author, and often resell the product with or without reselling rights to others. The specific rules and restrictions are different for all PLR products.

The best MMR license for you will depend on your goals. How much control over the product do you need or want? If you want to customize the product, you’ll want to aim for MRR or PLR licenses. If you want to promote the product under your own brand, then PLR is ideal. PLR products usually come at a premium compared to licenses with more restrictions, like RR.

How Does MRR Work?

How Does MRR Work?

Step 1: Find and purchase MMR products

Do your research and find high-quality MMR products that come with master resell rights. These can be ebooks, software, graphics, or other digital products. Once you’ve found a product that would appeal to your audience, you’ll purchase the rights to the product.

As I previously mentioned, it’s important to understand the license terms and what you can and cannot do with the product.

Step 2: Prepare the products

Depending on the license terms, you

may need to prepare the product for sale. You could package it with your own products, add your own content, or just rebrand it if the license allows you to do so. Most MMR products allow you to “add” to the product but not change the existing content.

Step 3: Sell the products

Set up your sales funnel to sell the product under the terms of the MRR license. This could include selling on multiple channels and using different digital marketing strategies to reach potential buyers inserted in the product and its resell rights (like you were).

Here are the different channels you could sell the MRR products on:

  1. Your Own Website – Having your own website will give you the most control over your sales, profits, and customers. It will help you build direct relationships with your customers, collect valuable data, and maximize profits. You can use Showit or Webflow to create a website.
  2. Affiliate Marketing – With affiliate marketing, you can get affiliate partners to promote your product for a commission, which will help expand your reach. This involves partnering with individuals or companies (affiliates) to promote your product in exchange for a commission on sales or leads they generate. It’s a cost-effective way to reach new audiences since you only pay for actual sales or leads.
  3. Social Media Platforms – Social media platforms like Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram to sell directly or drive traffic to your website can be highly effective.
  4. Email Marketing – Engaging subscribers with targeted offers through email marketing will help you keep your subscribers engaged and drive more sales.
  5. Marketplaces and SaaS Directories – Listing your product on SaaS marketplaces or directories can increase visibility. Consider listing in places industry-specific marketplaces.
  6. Content Marketing and SEO – Create valuable high-quality content that ranks well and attracts organic traffic. This includes blog posts, guides, videos, and other resources that demonstrate your product’s value and expertise in your field.
  7. Paid Advertising—Investing in paid search ads like Google AdWords, display ads, or social media ads can drive targeted traffic to your website or landing pages. Running ads allows you to target customers based on demographics, interests, and behaviors.
  8. Partnerships and B2B Sales: Creating new partnerships with other businesses can help you open up a sales channel and reach new customers. You could co-marketyour products together, or set up a referral agreement.
  9. Webinars and Online Workshops: Hosting informative webinars or online workshops can engage potential customers and general leads.
  10. Influencer Marketing: Collaborating with influencers to promote your product boosts your visibility and creates credibility.

Pros (Benefits) of Using Master Resell Rights

Pros (Benefits) of Using Master Resell Rights
  • Low upfront costs and the potential for passive income from reselling existing digital products.
  • You can scale your business faster without creating everything yourself.
  • You can save time with pre-made digital products.
  • Selling niche-specific products can help establish your brand as an authority.
  • Some MRR lets you customize your products, which will help you differentiate yourself from competitors.
  • Many MRR products come with ready-to-use marketing materials, which will help you make sales faster.
  • You’re mitigating the risk associated with the costs of making your own products from scratch.

Cons (disadvantages) of Using Master Resell Rights

Cons (disadvantages) of Using Master Resell Rights
  • Content will not be “made” by you and curated specifically to your audience’s needs.
  • With many people reselling the same products, the market could be saturated, making it a challenge to stand out and attract customers.
  • Depending on the license type, you may be restricted from modifying the content or branding, which can limit your ability to personalize the product for your audience.
  • Not all content will be of high quality. Read reviews and look for creators with a good reputation.
  • Products won’t sell themselves; you’ll need to invest time and resources into effective marketing strategies, building an audience, and driving traffic.

Examples of the Latest MRR and PLR Products

Examples of the Latest MRR and PLR Products

You can find MRR to resell as your own on a platform and PLR products to rebrand and repackage as your own on many different websites. Here are examples of Master Resell Rights (MRR) and Private Label Rights (PLR) done-for-you products you can buy:

  • Digital Courses
  • Digital guides and how-to bundles that are ready to rebrand and sell,
  • Pinterest templates you can edit with your branding and content,
  • Faceless Reels,
  • Canva Templates,
  • Adobe Illustrator Assets,
  • Templates for websites,
  • Digital planners and Journals
  • Resume Templates
  • Fonts
  • Tshirt designs
  • Shopify themes,
  • Lightroom Presets
  • Video Editing Effects

These are just a few examples; there are many more.

MRR and PLR Alternatives

mrr and plr alternatives

An alternative to purchasing Master Resell Rights or Private Label Rights would be to create your own products and courses.

I’ve personally purchased Pinterest templates to edit and use for my own Pinterest profile. The seller created beautiful pins and sold them to me. I added my content and images as an end user but I technically have the resell rights for those pins under a PLR license. I could have repackaged and sold them to other people interested in MRR and PLR.

Wrapping Up

Master Resale Rights (MRR) gives entrepreneurs a unique opportunity to expand their online business without creating their own products. It gives you an opportunity to create MRR products to sell to others who want to resell them. Understanding the types of MRR licenses available and how they work is important so you can strategically market and sell digital products and create additional revenue streams.

FAQ’s: Master Resell Rights

Q1. Can I buy an MRR product and then sell it as my own?

It depends on the specific MRR license you purchase. Some MRR licenses restrict modifications and branding. You’d typically resell the product in its original form. However, other MRR licenses, like Private Label Rights (PLR), often bundled with MRR products, allow extensive customization, branding, and claiming authorship as your own.

Q2. Can I make a lot of money reselling MRR products?

You can make passive income by reselling MRR products. Success will depend on your marketing strategies, targeting the right niche, and entering a market that is not already saturated. While some people have made significant income with MRR, it’s not a guaranteed get-rich-quick scheme. It requires effort, research, and a commitment to building a sustainable online business.

Q3. Are Master Resell Rights Legit?

Yes, Master Resell Rights are legit! They allow you to use, sell, and pass on resell rights to others. Always check for market saturation and purchase high-quality products.

Q4. What’s the difference between MRR and MLM?

MRR involves directly selling digital products you’ve acquired rights to, while MLM involves selling products and earning from both your sales and those of your recruited team.

  • MRR (Master Resell Rights) focuses on buying rights to resell digital products (like ebooks or software) and earning from your sales. It requires an initial investment mainly for purchasing the MRR license, offering more control over which products to sell, setting prices, and marketing strategies.
  • MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) involves selling products or services while earning commissions from your sales and those made by recruits in your “downline.” Initial costs can include buying starter kits or inventory. MLM earnings come from personal sales and recruitment, often with less control over product choices and marketing.

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