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90+ Best Mel Robbins Quotes to Help You With Personal Growth

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Mel Robbins is a motivational speaker, NY Times best-selling book author, and American podcast host of the Mel Robbins Show. She changed her entire life completely from being a legal analyst with CNN and a legal defense attorney to successfully focusing on personal growth and achieving greatness. She’s created a new life helping others help themselves.

Who is Mel Robbins?

mel robbins best selling author

Mel Robbins is a best-selling author, speaker, and television host and has one of the most popular Ted Talks, “How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over.”. She is best known for her self-help and personal development work, including her books, motivational speaking engagements, and contributions to the fields of psychology and self-improvement.

She has a significant online presence through her website, social media channels (YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter), and her podcast, The Mel Robbins Show, where she inspires and motivates people to make positive changes in their lives.

One of her most famous concepts is the “5 Second Rule,” a simple technique for overcoming procrastination and taking action.

Mel Robbins Books

mel robbins books

As a popular speaker and coach who helps other people overcome challenges, achieve their goals, and improve their lives, Mel Robbins has authored several books. She also offers coaching and motivational talks available in Audible. The best ones include:

The High 5 Habit: Gain Confidence And Erase Self-Doubt

The 5 Second Rule: Get The Motivation + Courage You Need To Change Your Life

The High 5 Daily Journal: Unlock The Most Powerful Force In The World: You

The 5-Second Journal: Slow Down, Power Up, and Get Sh*t Done

Take Control of Your Life: Silence Fear and Win the Mental Game

Kickass With Mel Robbins: The Wakeup Call You Need

Start Here With Mel Robbins: Your Daily Pep Talk From Mel

Here’s Exactly What To Do: Move Into Action Where You Need It Most

Work It Out: Get Ahead, Get Paid, And Change Your Work Life

5 Second Rule Summary

mel robbins 5 second summary

The “5 Second Rule” is a self-help concept popularized by Mel Robbins. In essence, the 5 Second Rule is a practical technique designed to help you stop overthinking everyday life and start taking action in your life. It encourages you to trust your instincts and take steps toward your goals immediately, rather than letting self-doubt and hesitation hold you back. Here’s a summary of the main ideas behind the 5-Second Rule:

1. Action and Procrastination

The central premise of the 5 Second Rule is that it’s a simple but effective technique to overcome procrastination and hesitation. It’s based on the idea that if you have an impulse to do something, you must take action within five seconds, or your brain will sabotage your intentions with doubt, fear, or excuses.

2. Counting Down

When you feel the urge to take action, you count backward from 5 to 1 and then physically move or take a step toward your goal. This countdown disrupts the patterns of overthinking and self-doubt that often prevent people from taking action.

3. Mindset Shift

The 5 Second Rule is about shifting your mindset from overthinking and self-sabotage to decisive action. It’s a tool to help you break free from your comfort zone and start taking positive steps toward your goals.

4. Everyday Applications

Robbins emphasizes that you can use the 5 Second Rule in various aspects of your life, from getting out of bed in the morning to making important decisions, starting a new project, or overcoming fear and anxiety.

5. Building Confidence

Consistently using the 5 Second Rule can help build confidence and create a habit of taking action. Over time, it can lead to more significant life changes and personal growth.

Mel Robbins Quotes

mel robbins motivational speaker
  • “You need to hear this loud and clear: No one is coming. It is up to you.”

  • “You are one decision away from a completely different life.”
  • “I was the problem and in five seconds, I could push myself and become the solution. That’s the problem with so many adults; we’re all focused on getting it perfect instead of trying.
  • “There will always be someone who can’t see your worth. Don’t let it be you.”
  • “Be your own biggest fan. Love yourself and give yourself the things that you need.”
  • “When it comes to goals, dreams, and changing your life, your inner wisdom is a genius.”
  • “Life is not a one-and-done sort of deal. You’ve got to work for what you want.”
  • “Your feelings don’t matter. The only thing that matters is what you do.”
  • “You have been assigned this mountain so you can show others that it can be moved.”

  • “Passion is not a thing. It’s a state of mind.”
  • “You are not going to win if you keep telling yourself to wait. The more often that you choose courage, the more likely you’ll succeed.”
  • “Passion is not a thing, it’s a state of mind. That’s what it takes to get what you want. Not big scary leaps once a year. It takes small, but irritating moves every single day.”
  • “I have a hard time finding the balance between not beating myself up when it doesn’t happen as fast as I’d like it to, and not wasting time while I wait for it to happen.”
  • “Every phase of your life and career will require a different you. Using the Rule, you’ll become the person you’re meant to become in this next phase of your life.”
  • Start now… where you are. Start with fear… with pain. Start with doubt…with your hands shaking.

  • “Procrastination is not a form of laziness at all. It’s a coping mechanism for stress.”
  • “If you have the courage to start, you have the courage to succeed.”
  • “You are not supposed to be the same person you were a year, month, day, or even five seconds ago. You are designed to grow.”
  • “It’s not the big moves that change everything—it’s the smallest ones in your everyday life that do.

  • “Win or lose, at least I’m doing something.”
  • “Life is gritty and hard, and then suddenly, it is brilliant.”
  • “Confidence is a skill I’ve built over the years by practicing acts of everyday courage.”
  • “Forget motivation. It’s a myth. I don’t know when we all bought into the idea that in order to change you must ‘feel’ eager or ‘feel’ motivated to act. It’s complete garbage.”
  • “No matter what chapter of your life you’re in at this moment, be in it. Be present, even during the times you’re struggling.”
  • “It’s okay to be scared. Being scared means you’re about to do something really, really brave.”
  • “You do the same thing every time you whine about problems but do nothing to fix them.”
  • “Will it be your heart that wins, or your fear?”
  • “There is only one you. And there will never be another one.”
  • “If you find yourself riddled with self-doubt, remember that the world didn’t say, ‘You can’t have this.’ You did.”

  • “If you want to make your dreams come true, get ready for the long game.”
  • “You’ll never feel like doing what you must do.”
  • “Waiting around for something to change will slowly kill you.”
  • “The problem was very clear. It was me. I was holding myself back, five seconds at a time.”
  • “It’s so sad because waiting for validation will be the death of your dreams.”
  • “Your dreams are your responsibility. No one is coming.”
  • “If you have one of those impulses that are pulling you, if you don’t marry it with an action within 5 seconds, you pull the emergency brake and kill the idea.”
  • “Small things are not small at all. They are the most important things of all. And they add up.”
  • “At the end of the day, you are going to need to do more than think if you want to change your life.”
  • “Work expands to whatever time you give it.”

  • “The most obvious, important realities are often the ones that are the hardest to see and talk about.”
  • “Waiting until you are ready will not make it happen. The world doesn’t work that way.”
  • “Every day you have a choice. You can turn toward the pull of your dreams or argue against it. Fighting that desire inside you and telling yourself, It will never happen for me create so much tension in your life.”
  • “She was pushed forward by something way more powerful: herself. That’s what courage is. It’s a push.”
  • “Do it anyway. Part of the reason why you don’t have what you want in your life is because when you don’t feel like doing it, you don’t do it. Your life only gets easier when you do the hard things all the time. Push through your resignation and do it.”
  • “If all you ever do is think about what you want, it’s not a dream—it’s a wish. A dream requires action. It demands partnership. It only becomes real when you find the courage to step toward it.”
  • “That’s how confidence grows—one small, courageous move at a time.”
  • “You get trapped in the knowledge-action gap. You know what to do but you can’t seem to make yourself do it. Take every chance you get in life because some things only happen once.”
  • “Getting what you want never feels quite like you think it will.”
  • “When it comes to your dreams, you have two choices: pursue them or be haunted by them.”
  • “You aren’t battling your ability to stick to a diet, execute a business plan, repair a broken marriage and rebuild your life, hit your goals, or win over a bad manager- you are battling your feelings about doing it. You are more than capable of doing the work to change anything for the better, despite how you feel.”

  • “Regardless of how you learned to beat yourself up, the bottom line is if it makes you miserable, you have a responsibility to change it.”
  • “You have no idea how much easier things could be if you stopped being so hard on yourself.”
  • “There are only two words of advice you need to improve any relationship. Say It.”
  • “You’re looking in the wrong mirror when you look for your worth in other people’s approval.”
  • “When you replace that self-doubt and self-criticism that drags you down with self-acceptance and self-love that lifts you up, your life will change.”
  • “Only through action have I unlocked the power inside of me to become the person that I’ve always wanted to be.”
  • “When you stop making yourself wrong for how you’re feeling, you’ll immediately feel better.”
  • “You will never be criticized by someone doing more than you.”
  • “But when you’re stuck, the major task is deciding if you’re going to change at all. The challenge is finding the ability, in the face of an overwhelming amount of resistance, to create a small change in your life and build on it.”
  • “If you can’t value yourself, you will look for validation from other people.”

  • “Using the Rule strengthens your belief that you do have the ability to control your own fate—because you are proving it to yourself one push at a time.”
  • “Either you run the day or the day runs you.”
  • “As scared as you are to disappoint someone that you love, it’s always worth it to be honest about what you need.”
  • “Most of us don’t even realize how often we hesitate because we’ve done it so often that it’s become a habit.”
  • “Negative thoughts fry your nervous system.”
  • “That moment of hesitation is a killer. Hesitation sends a stress signal to your brain. It’s a red flag that signals something’s wrong—and your brain goes into protection mode. This is how we are wired to fail.”
  • “What I’ve learned the hard way is that having the courage to pursue your dreams is way more important than actually achieving them.”
  • “Anxiety is the habit of worrying spiraled out of control.”
  • “It’s not because things are difficult that we don’t dare. It’s because we don’t dare that things are difficult.”
  • “Hesitation is the kiss of death. You might hesitate for just nanosecond, but that’s all it takes. That one small hesitation triggers a mental system that designed to stop you. And it happens in less than – you guessed it – five seconds.”
mel robbins quote
  • “The moment you check email, read the news or surf social media someone else’s priority jump in front of yours. Do you think that Bill Gates and Oprah are lying in bed scrolling through social feeds?”
  • “Exercise is generally not fun, nor comfortable.”
  • “You don’t give yourself enough credit … you are a lot stronger than you think.”
  • “Keep your phone out of the bedroom and get outside as often as you can.”
  • “When we’re stressed, we procrastinate. That’s when we’re most susceptible to distraction.”
  • “If you don’t start doing the things you don’t feel like doing, you
  • “There’s a big difference between how you feel and what you do.”
  • Your mental health is everything– prioritize it. Make the time like your life depends on it, because it does.
  • “Facebook is nothing but heavily packaged ‘Kodak moments’ that bear no relation to how people really live.”
  • “Monotony will drive any human relationship or endeavor into a ditch.”
mel robbins quote on changing your life
  • You need to recognize that the risk of moving toward your dreams is much lower than the slow, everyday punishment you inflict on yourself by suppressing your dream.
  • “You may say you fear change, but lack of change is why you feel so blah.”
  • “Knowing what you need to do to improve your life takes wisdom. Pushing yourself to do it takes courage.”
  • “There will never be a right time. Stop waiting and start doing!”
  • “Perspective changes everything. What you take for granted someone else considers a luxury. Spend a little extra time being grateful for what you have today.”
  • “Destiny shuffles the card but we must play the game.”
  • “Fun fact: A lot of what weighs you down isn’t yours to carry.”
  • “Your doubts create mountains. Your actions move them.”
  • “The time is now. Stop hitting the ‘snooze’ button on your life.”
mel robbins quote


mel robbins audible

Mel Robbins is a remarkable figure in the world of personal growth and motivation, whose transformative journey from a legal analyst to a best-selling author and speaker has inspired countless individuals to take charge of their lives. Through her influential concept of the “5 Second Rule,” she has empowered people to overcome procrastination and uncertainty, fostering a mindset of decisive action. It’s made all the difference in her life and others.

Her books and motivational talks have provided valuable guidance, encouraging individuals to pursue their dreams with courage and determination. Mel Robbins’ extensive collection of insightful quotes serves as a wealth of wisdom, reminding us of the importance of self-belief, perseverance, and embracing change.

Her work reinforces the idea that, no matter where we are in life, we have the power to make choices that lead to personal growth and success. Mel Robbins is a testament that taking action, even in the face of fear, is the key to unlocking our true potential and achieving our goals.

FAQ’s Mel Robbins Quotes

1. What are some key themes in Mel Robbins’ quotes?

Mel Robbins’ quotes often revolve around themes of courage, self-belief, the importance of taking action, and the role of mindset in personal growth. Her quotes inspire individuals to overcome self-doubt, make courageous choices, and pursue their dreams.

2. How can Mel Robbins’ quotes help with personal growth?

Mel Robbins’ quotes are powerful reminders of the importance of self-confidence, perseverance, and embracing change. They encourage individuals to push past their comfort zones and take action, ultimately leading to personal growth and success.

3. Can I find Mel Robbins on social media or listen to her podcast?

Mel Robbins maintains an active presence on various social media platforms, including YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. She also hosts “The Mel Robbins Show” podcast, where she continues to inspire and motivate her audience.

mel robbins journal

4. How can I incorporate Mel Robbins’ teachings into my daily life?

You can start by reading her books, using her journals, following her on social media, and listening to her podcast for regular inspiration. Additionally, practice the “5 Second Rule” by applying it to situations where hesitation and self-doubt may be holding you back from taking action.

5. What’s the key takeaway from Mel Robbins’ work? – The key takeaway from Mel Robbins’ work is that personal growth and positive change require action. By overcoming procrastination, self-doubt, and fear through techniques like the “5 Second Rule,” you can take control of your life and work toward achieving your goals and dreams.

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