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9 Best Keyword Rank Tracking Software (Free and Paid)

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The best keyword rank-tracking software

A good SEO software is one that includes rank-tracking tools. But the best keyword rank tracking software is the one that provides keyword research, content insight, and the ability to analyze your competitors.

Keyword rank tracking is a fantastic way to understand how your website performs in the search engine results page SERPs. You’ll be able to get an idea of what keywords are driving traffic and then using rank-tracking software tools, make changes according to those needs. This can ultimately lead to ranking higher on the SERP.

Writing good content is not enough to rank #1 on Google. You should test different strategies and see which one will increase your ranking.

Keyword rank tracking provides essential insight into how you and your competitors website performs on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Having a keyword research tool will help you get a better picture of your website’s visibility based on your target keywords. It is one of the essential SEO tools to invest in to improve organic traffic potential.

An estimated 90 percent of web pages do not receive organic local traffic from Google Search. Proving that SEO is challenging without the right keyword-ranking software. If your business relies on organic traffic and search engine rankings to drive leads and sales, you’ll need to rank high for important keywords in your industry.

According to a recent study, 67.6% of all clicks go to the top 5 organic search results on Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). You need a reliable and accurate way to monitor your website’s page rank for various target keywords. This is where keyword ranking tracking software comes in.

You should also see what works and what doesn’t so you can adjust your SEO efforts and in the long run, improve your organic traffic potential.

Rank tracking software collects data from Google and other search engines so you can monitor the ranking of each domain, subdomain, or URL for the keywords you want to track.

It helps you improve your rankings, track your keyword performance, and find ways to stay ahead of your competition. Ultimately, you can grow your business with better SEO insights.

I’ve listed the best rank-tracking software to help you better optimize your website content for Google and other search engines. I reviewed the different types of rank tracking tools available, the key features and pricing so that you can choose the best keyword tracking software for your business.

1. SE Ranking

SE Ranking all in one SEO software made simple.

SE Ranking is the number one choice of ranking tracking software among business owners, digital agencies, and SEO professionals. It is an all-in-one platform for keyword ranking tracking. It guarantees 100% accurate real-time ranking of your website’s keywords in major search engines by country, city, and region. In addition to google search results, SE Ranking looks at googleads rankings and google maps.


Apart from that, the software offers various tools to control SEO rankings. The Deep Website Audit Tool can help place a website in the top ten google search results. The Backlink Checker is important for link building and backlink analysis. And the Monitoring Tool provides data on key parameters and backlinks.

SE Ranking can also check website performance on SERP features. You can add up to five competitors, compare ranking results, and see how your site performs on Google, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo, and more.

Even if you don’t know your competitors, this platform gives you some insight by giving you a glimpse of the top search results.


SE Ranking has a unique pricing structure. The amount you pay depends on how often you want the tool to check your rankings, the length of your subscription, the number of keywords you want to track, and the plan you choose.

The least expensive plan is Essentials, starting at $23.52/month (weekly rank frequency).

2. Rank Tracker by SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite Rank tracker the most accurate tool to check keyword positions.

Rank Tracker by SEO PowerSuite allows you to track keyword positions, analyze SERPs, research keywords, research competitors, and evaluate SEO and PPC campaigns.

It is very affordable, making it a great choice for organizations with multiple clients. It can track an unlimited number of keywords, but you have to use a proxy to do so.


SEO PowerSuite sells four tools: SEO Spyglass, Website Auditor, LinkAssistant, and Rank Tracker. We will focus on the latter.

Rank Tracker is easy to use. Once set up, all you have to do is press the button and it will check Google to see if your page has gone up or down in the search results. There’s even a chart showing your site’s progress over time.

It checks results from 327 search engines; allows analysis of up to 10 competitors; and shows your ranking in other verticals such as images, videos, and news. You can also check your ranking in different parts of the world.

There is also a white-label feature that allows you to send a professional rating report to your clients.


Free, Professional ($299 per year), and Enterprise ($499 per year)

3. Semrush

SEMRUSH ranking tracker allows you to see changes in key organic and paid traffic metrics.

Semrush is an all-in-one enterprise-grade marketing platform. One of the best choices for professional SEO specialists, large teams, and companies, it offers all the necessary tools to run complex SEO campaigns in one package.


There is a reason why Semrush is one of the biggest names in the SaaS SEO software industry. It offers an unmatched feature set with some of the most advanced tools you’ll find anywhere.

It includes a fantastic set of SERP tracking tools. With the position tracking feature, you can track any keyword or domain on search engines like Google and Baidu. You can use this valuable data to measure the progress of your campaigns and identify/fix problematic keyword cannibalization.

You can track Google and Baidu SERP volatility by monitoring the changes in your organic ranking position. It also looks for signs that a major ranking algorithm update may have occurred. Plus, you’ll get valuable insight into your competitors and identify the domains with the most organic and paid visibility.

There are tools to help with keyword research, on-page SEO audits, competitor analysis, content marketing, local SEO, social media management, link building, content creation and optimization, PPC, and website monetization assistance and the list goes on.


It’s a little more expensive than the other options, but if you have the budget, there’s no better option. Plans start at $119.95/month (or $99.95/month billed annually). You can get started with a limited free account or a free trial.

4. Ahref’s

Ahrefs is an all in one SEO toolset that you need to rank higher and get more traffic. Its the ultimate rank tracker.

Ahref’s is an all-in-one SEO toolset. The rank tracker tool by Ahrefs will over time track the search engine rankings of your website.


The SEO rank tracking software assists you with keyword and content research. Using Ahref’s you’ll get relevant keyword ideas and see how hard it would be to rank. You can do content research and discover the most popular content on any topic or find ideas for your own content.

Ahref’s software can also help you with competitor research showing you your competitors organic keywords and PPC keywords. You can use rank tracking to track you and your competitors search rankings

Link building and backlink strategies make it easy to find the best opportunities in your niche. Find out if your website has any SEO issues and learn how to fix them with Website Audit. You can also get email alerts with Mentions Monitoring whenver you or your brand name is mentioned online.

Ahrefs provide maximum data accuracy to its users with a huge database. They have been crawling the web 24/7 since 2010. In the U.S. alone it has over 4.4 billion keywords making them one of the biggest in the industry.


Pricing for the lite plan which gives essential data for a small businesses and hobby projects starts at $99 and goes up from there.

5. SpyFu

SpyFu boosts SEO and PPC profits with its keyword rank tracking software.

SpyFu is a full-featured SEO toolkit with rank-tracking capabilities that takes the guesswork out of SEO. This toolkit can help you track your current ranking position and ranking history, build backlinks, analyze SERPs, and much more. You can also use keyword research and domain comparison tools.


As the name suggests, SpyFu is one of the best competitor analysis tools. You can use it to spy on competitors to improve your own SEO strategy. It can help you get a detailed picture of your competitors’ rankings, the keywords they buy in Google Ads, and more.

Overall, SpyFu is one of the best options available for tracking your own and your competitors’ rankings.


Plans start at $16/month, billed annually and $39/month, billed monthly.

6. AccuRanker

AccuRanker is the ultimate SERP rank tracker platform for enterprises and SEO Agencies.

AccuRanker is an impressive tool that gives you instant ranking updates when you need them. This is not a feature offered by all ranking trackers.

But AccuRanker can do much more!


The SERP history tool lets you know which SERP features are driving traffic to your site so you can think about your next steps. In-depth analysis allows you to group and filter your data, which you can then share with your teammates.

AccuRanker supports third-party integration with digital marketing tools such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Sheets, Adobe Analytics, Google Data Studio, and Databox.

You can add and manage unlimited domains. You can bookmark landing pages and set big data for keywords. With more expensive plans, you can add as many users (or subscribers) as you need.


AccuRanker’s pricing is also very modest. There is only one plan. You set how many keywords you want to track, and the monthly price will go up or down. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription at any time.

1000 Keywords ($116 per month). Prices change as you add more keywords. If you pay annually, you save 10%. The offer a 14-day free trial.

7. Moz Pro Keyword Rank Checker

Moz rank checker lets you check your keyword rankings instantly.

Moz Rank Checker is one of the best keyword research tools that can help you find out the SEO performance of your website for your target keywords in seconds.


It predicts keyword search volume for terms and phrases with over 95 percent accuracy.

The platform also finds rankings for potential keywords you want to track without committing. It assigns a difficulty level to each of these keywords so you can determine how easy or difficult it will be to rank in the SERP of your choice.

Whether Google, Bing, or Yahoo, you can choose the search engine from which you want to get ranking data. And then, submit the top keywords for long-term keyword ranking tracking to the Moz Pro campaign.


Paid yearly the Standard plan is $79/month, Medium plan at $143/month, Large plan at $199/month, Premium plan at $479/month. Try their 30-day free trial.

8. Wincher

Wincher keyword rank tracking software keeps track of your google rankings.

Wincher is a powerful, simple and flexible keyword rank tracker tool for online businesses and marketers. They help you track the position of keywords in Google and increase qualitative traffic from organic search.


Track your rankings with this easy to use SEO rank tracking tool, optimize pages on your website, keep a close watch on your competitors and find ways to cut costs and increase your traffic.

Wincher offers free ranking history with up to six months for any added keywords. All of their plans offer an unlimited number of users. Their keyword research tool is fully integrated. Wincher not only presents search and traffic volume it also helps you identify keywords where you have the best chance of ranking.

Keep track of how competitors are performing with an overview and daily competitor ranking updates. Along with other features such as local rank tracking, full API access, daily and on-demand updates, serp features, on-page SEO score, projects, WP plugin and much more.


With Winchers competitive pricing structure it can save you a lot of money. Its quoted at 24€ which is right now appromiately $23.78/mo for a yearly plan.

9. Google Search Console

Google search console is a free rank tracking software.

Google Search Console is the more affordable rank tracking software because it’s completely free. It’s limited but a good choices for those just starting out.

This lets you see what searches lead users to your site. You can also analyze clicks, impressions of your domain, and most importantly your position in the SERPs.

You’ll also get a notification when Google finds a problem with your site. You can also optimize your website for AMP, mobile usability, and rich results.


Google Search Console is Free


And that brings us to the end of our review on the best keyword rank tracking software.As you can see, there are many different rank tracking tools to choose from. It is important that you do your research and find the best keyword rank tracking software that suits your needs.

As you can see, there is a ranking tracker for almost every budget and requirement. You can even use 100% free tools or track rankings manually. Think about what features you need and what budget you have. This will make it clear which keyword ranking checker tool is right for you.

Monitoring your website’s ranking on search engines is a key element of any solid SEO strategy, as long as you find a tool that generates the kind of data you need.

By following these tips and using the right tools, you will be able to optimize your website content for Google and other search engines, and increase your ranking in no time!

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